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Welcome to "The Kittengi" The Biryani Experience

Welcome. The Kittengi is an Indian restaurant, situated at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, Johor and run by an Indian couple. They have the experience of handing out mouth-watering South Indian dishes for more than 30 years. To put it briefly, it is their soulful passion to give you a taste of delicious Indian dishes.

The restaurant is only a five minutes drive from the causeway customs and immigration checkpoint. To be more specific, the restaurant is located at No.10, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi while you are far away from your home. Customer satisfaction is our top-rate priority and that is why we are extremely devoted towards maintaining the inner and outer appearance of the restaurant. The hygienic atmosphere of the restrooms and the friendly behavior of our staffs will give you a pleasant experience and a positive vibe about our restaurant.

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The Kittengi is a family run Indian restaurant serving both North and South Indian cuisines. The restaurant is managed by a couple with more than 30 years of experience in dishing out authentic south Indian dishes. To put it in a nutshell, it is their passion.

For Singapore patrons, The Kittengi is only a five minute drive from the causeway customs and immigration checkpoint after clearance. It is located at No.10, Jalan Serampang, taman Pelangi, on the same road as the three famous cake houses namely Seven Oaks, Season and Lavender.

The first look into the brightly-lit restaurant gives you the feeling of a clean and homely environment.

The cutlery is neatly arranged in a stainless steel rack and the forks, spoons and tissues are hygienically packed in individual boxes.

Many dread to visit the rest rooms in restaurants. But at The Kittengi, on the contrary, it is clean and brightly lit.

The restaurant opens at 10 AM. It serves authentic Indian breakfast such as thosai, appam, puri, coconut milk, potato masala, chana masala and gravies. Its tiffin menu lists the various thosais and appams it serves.

The restaurant also serves hot and cold beverages, including Indian Bru coffee, masala tea, ginger tea and suku malli tea.

on request, it also serves all these drinks with fresh cow's milk. The restaurant also serves lassi, a traditional Indian yogurt drink, in sweet and salt flavors.

For the more adventurous, there is also fresh mango, orange, dragon fruit, blueberry, strawberry and mint-based lassi. We also serve fresh fruit juices.

From 10 AM, the restaurant also serves a buffet lunch spread. A set vegetarian lunch comes with piping hot steamed rice, three vegetables, rasam, sambar and papadam and costs only 6.90 ringgit.

A variety of chicken, mutton and fish dishes along with the instant fried fish and squid are also available. The meals are served with spicy and tasty authentic chicken and fish curry. You can also select a variety of a la carte items from the menu to go along with your meal.

You can choose a wide variety of fish, prawn, squid, crab, chicken and mutton dishes from the menu.

We also serve fish head curry. Combo meals are available for individual and groups with special discounts.

Kittengi also serves set meals all day long. The chicken varuval, mutton peratal, chettinad fresh mushroom masala and prawn peratal set meal comes with steamed rice, dal, rasam and papadam.

Moreover, we also serve chicken and mutton chatti soru- a rice dish made from thick, silky gravy and sautéed with spices to bring out the best taste.

At tea time, you can enjoy fresh and hot idly, vada, pakoda, bajji, fritters (jemput), spring rolls, local noodles and fried rice.

A visit to The Kittengi is not complete without tasting the Kittengi biryani, which is prepared with heavy chunks of chicken, mutton and sea foods, sautéed with spices and milky-thick gravy to bring out the authentic flavor.

The variety of biryani and the accompanying gravy is specially cooked to each order. The choice includes chicken, boneless chicken, country chicken, mutton, country goat, tandoor chicken, quail, fish, prawn and sea food. The vegetarian choice includes paneer or mock chicken, mutton or fish biryani.

You should not leave Kittengi without tasting one of its desserts , which include, coffee, ice cream, carrot halwa, gulab jamun, yogurt ice cream, carrot ice cream and faluda.